About Us

We are a registered charity with a vision to help vulnerable people rebuild their lives through socially responsible business.

We have teams working in a number of prisons across the North West of England and have strong partnerships with local homelessness and rehabilitation charities. We use these links as a pipeline for training, housing and mentoring vulnerable people who are passionate about making a fresh start. Everyone who joins our programme is put through an NVQ Level 2 qualification in Hospitality and/or catering whilst also receiving daily training by our experienced managers and supervisors.

Alongside Message Catering, we run a restaurant open throughout the week with a large events kitchen that we use as our base for making amazon food for events in Manchester and surrounding counties. Please feel free visit our restaurant in person and find out more at www.themessmanchester.co.uk.

We’ve consistently held a 5 star food and hygiene rating and are a member of the Nationwide Caterers Association.